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This set of assets was created to advertise the VIP package for UEFA Champions League, Europe’s most important international soccer tournament. The project began with new CTA banners, followed by new Facebook graphics including static images as well as animated carousels.
As carousels scroll horizontally, I chose to enhance continuity by creating a single animation extending on the four slides, each showing one of the services included in the VIP package. I designed the slides choosing images that would emphasise the adrenaline and drama of the competition. I used the players as characters to build captivating scenes, like players contending for the ball or exulting in victory. In some of the graphics I switched the background to a yellow gradient: this draws all attention to the players as characters who bring tension to the image, evoking the excitement of the soccer game.

Video Carousel

In others I used pictures of players from the same team in different moments of the game, one focused, one playing, another celebrating, so as to bring together the emotions stirred by the game from beginning to end. Although the client’s briefing was to align with the brand’s colours, graphic elements and fonts, these techniques brought an original and a dynamic feel to the carousels.
I used Google Web Designer, Adobe Illustrator e Adobe Photoshop.


UEFA Euro 2020




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