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Passion Digital

Passion Digital is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency with headquarters in London and Madrid. I joined the firm as a Graphic Designer in the Social Media team, with whom I worked at several campaigns (among others, Dropless, Hiperpool and Extinction Rebellion). A few months into my role, I was put in charge of a total rebranding for the company. This was a very exciting opportunity, not only because of the trust being shown to me in spite of being a recent hire, but also because I was able to work very creatively with minimal briefing.

Brand Book

Passion Digital needed a refreshing change but Management chose to maintain their existing logo. Along with the Design Team we developed a brand new style with four bright main colours and diagonal lines. All the new design rules for Passion Digital were collated in the 70 pages Brand Book. The rules cover how to correctly use the logo, font and images in order to to maintain the new style. A digital copy is used across the brand and printed copies are available for clients. I created the layout for the book myself using Adobe InDesign and employing skills and knowledge I acquired in my previous typography experience.

Office Design

As part of the project, I also re-designed the Passion Digital office space. The heart of the new design was the idea of naming the office meeting rooms after David Bowie, Charlie Chaplin and Roger Moore, all public figures born in Stockwell, the part of London where the offices are based.

I then created images that were turned into large wall decals, each representing one of the iconic celebrities and showcasing the new colour profile of the brand.

To reflect the modern and young feel of the digital agency, I added contemporary technology into the visual composition: David Bowie wears earbuds, Roger Moore holds a smartphone and Charlie Chaplin uses a mac, whose apple logo I swapped for Passion Digital’s logo. The decals were blended into the style of the office with diagonal lines in the company colours.

This was a very exciting aspect of the project, and one that required paramount attention to measures as I developed the images on Illustrator. I am extremely pleased with the result.

Social Media Grid

I was also asked to re-think the Instagram presence of Passion Digital to make each image instantly identifiable as part of the brand. I designed this grid so that the diagonal lines in each image would be perceived as consistent when they are side to side on the page. Many of the elements in the grid are my own design, such as the post on mental health or the “help your colleagues” one.


New hires at Passion Digital would be introduced to the rest of the team with an individual animation that I would develop. Each animation maintains the same format and is consistent with the brand style, while the effects, colours, backgrounds, lines, fonts and shadows all change in endless combinations to create a unique animation for each individual.
This ongoing project was a recurrent opportunity for experimentation on the use of After Effects, altering moving images, blending modes, layer masks and more. It was a very enjoyable and fun aspect of the rebranding that challenged me to always come up with something original and new that would be exciting for the new joiner.


Alongside the Design Team, I developed a new line of merchandise reflecting Passion Digital’s new brand. The line included pens, notebooks, usb stickers, mugs, shopper bags, etc.
My favourite part were the stickers, for which I had the idea of portraying famous singers in comic-book style, accompanied by lyrics of their hit songs re-imagined into puns with marketing themes (for example, “Click me Baby one more time” for Britney Spears). The stickers were a success because the British can’t resist a pun!


I had a lot of fun creating new sets of icons for the services and initiatives at Passion Digital. I had so much fun, in fact, that I got carried away and designed 120 icons for everything and anything, places, activities, even food. The icons were then used on the Brand Book, on the website, on social media and on everything print.
To maintain the style of their logo I used two elements from it: the shape of the passion fruit seeds and the line thickness (although in the icons I also used a second line, half as thick). The icons came in a monochromatic version and in a two-colour one, with the same colours of the logo. The icons were entirely created with Illustrator and animated with After Effects.




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