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Millebridge is a platform designed for GPs to easily share medical documents with their patients. The service, developed by Dedalus, was revolutionary in its field and I was asked to create an animation to present it to doctors and patients.
This is a special project to me. It was very satisfying to work on because I was given a very minimal briefing, so there was lots of room for my creativity, and as I worked on the entire project alone, I got to shape every bit of it, from characters and backgrounds to sounds and actions. This was also It was my first ever character animation. As I was not at all familiar with After Effects at the time, I used a software I was familiar with, Premier, achieving a good result even though the programme is very slow and impractical for animations.
This project was how I discovered how much I enjoy to work on animations and what brought me to move on to learning the use of After Effects.