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Magnus Siculus is a Sicilian business who produces top quality olive oil with high market value. Their briefing was to re-think their whole brand identity with the aim of marketing their oil as a luxury product. The result was a very rewarding 360 degrees project and one that both I and the client are extremely proud of. My assignment included designing Magnus Siculus’ logo, a branding line guides, packaging, labels for products and website, all using a minimal and look and feel.

For the logo I created a one-line drawing of the trinacria, the emblem of Sicily. I wanted it to become simple enough to evoke the idea of a stream of olive oil (“a thread of oil”, as is said in Italian).

The packaging is the focal point of the project, as it embodies the whole product image. I designed the label for it to extend over two faces of the square bottle: the logo on one face, the product name on the adjacent one. To keep the minimal look, the only colours used are black and white: white for the traditional version of the product, black for the organic olive oil.

The website continues with the same style, with one section for the company and one for the product, each available in English and in Italian.


Magnus Siculus




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