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I was extremely fascinated with Charles Duchassois’ book “Flash – Ou le Grand Voyage” and, after reading it, I was inspired to animate a book trailer of this autobiography describing a generation who lives for rebellion and finds escape in the use of drugs.

I started by creating with Adobe Photoshop a collage of photos, images and drawings. I then hand drew some major scenes described in the books just as I had imagined them, joining the drawings together and animating them with Adobe Premiere, telling the story from the book.

I chose Cat Stevens’ Katmandu for the soundtrack, as I thought it was in line with the mood of the animation. Although I slightly altered the track to better fit the animation timings, it was a challenge to have the animation and music work together symbiotically.

With this animation I had the opportunity to really become confident with drawing on a graphic tablet, and to learn and improve new drawing techniques. This project is meaningful to me, as it was personal and learning experience in bringing an animation idea from conception to completion.


Personal Project




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