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Hiperpool is an exclusive job-matching platform for professionals specialising in strategy, consulting, M&A, and similar disciplines. The assets were designed to advertise the company on Linkedin.

After researching the company and its competitors, I developed three different proposals for the client to choose from, but these were all so successful that the company decided to use all three versions.

For this project I worked alongside the Social Media team at Passion Digital, who conceived the text and the CTA. As per the client’s request, I used the brand’s blue and green as the main colours for the graphics: the blue in the background and the green for the contrasting CTA. I used diagonal lines to make the images more dynamic and evoke the idea of a career switch. As young professionals were the main target for the campaign, I carefully chose my images accordingly for this demographic to easily identify with the subjects in the ads.

The project was developed on Photoshop and Illustrator.






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