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Elegant Ink

As what was intended to be a temporary stay in my hometown in Italy was forcibly extended due to the lockdown measures against the coronavirus pandemic, I took the opportunity to take part in some design contests in Cagliari. One of these was a contest to design a new logo for tattoo studio Elegant Ink. I was very keen on winning this contest as I am very passionate about tattoos (I have nine myself!), so I came up with a few options for my entry. My favourite was a rose pierced by two tattoo needles, which I first drew first by hand and then on Illustrator. As the tattoo artist works mainly with black, I chose to stick with black only for the logo. I used a text band to add the name of the studio with a nod to the Old School tattoo style.

Logo alternatives

I submitted also a few alternatives: one with gold or silver accents, others featuring a tattoo machine and my second favourite one, with a pin-up girl and and a tattoo machine tracing a circle around her.


Elegant Ink Tattoo Studio