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Eaglemoss Collections

Eaglemoss is an worldwide online retailer of movie, television, comic book and gaming merchandise, leader in its field. They stock action figures and collectables from counstless franchises including Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Disney, may others.
I was asked to create banners of different sizes for their official website and their social media pages, each in several languages.


Alien VS Predator – Figurine Collector was the first collection whose banner I designed. The goal was to advertise the action figures of the renowned facehugger from the movie Alien. The graphics, which came in four different sizes, echo elements of the movie with images of galaxies on a dark background and an hexagonal CTA with fluorescent light effects.

Summer Givaway

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Eaglemoss launched a summer giveaway campaign, for which I designed the advertising material. The giveaway had 39 prizes of several types from a variety of collections. As the campaign was seasonal, I was asked to bring a summer and vacation vibe to the banners, which came in 6 formats. I used vibrant and neon colours and palm leaves patterns. A palm leaf was also used fo the campaign logo. The CTA stands out for its contrasting bright pink colour and the font compliments the feel of the banners.

Crafting and Geek

This campaign targeted the craft geeks among Eaglemoss’ customers. For the banners I drew attention to these ideas adding a wrench and a pair of glasses next to the lettering, which echoes the feel of the campaign. The franchises advertised are DC e Doctor Who. I banner came in three sizes for desktop and mobile.

Black Cyberweek

The most complex and exhaustive project I worked at for Eaglemoss was the advertising campaign for the week of Back Friday and Cyber Week, during which every brand and every collection would be on sale.
The aim graphic element characterising the campaign is the snap of fingers, for which I used the iconic hand of Thanos, supervillain in the Avengers series, a very popular character at the time of the campaign, known for destroying entire galaxies with the snap of his fingers. I drew the hand in a comic book style on Adobe Illustrator. I chose the hot pink colour to bring in a stark contrast from the dark galaxy background. As an accent on the time-limited nature of the sale I addes a fading 50% price tag.
The banners came in several formats and were used across Eaglemoss’ website and social media pages in their US, Australia, UK, Southafrica, Italian, French, Spanish and German versions, with the text translated and adapted to the different markets.

Star Trek

For the Star Trek collection of action figures I designed a set of static and animated banners. This campaign was launched for the French website only. The banners were published in 16 different sizes across Eaglemoss’ social media pages and their desktop and mobile website.






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