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Dropless is a digital service providing car wash and valeting in London. The company wanted a social media campaign that would appeal to a young target. For this purpose I developed several banners, each presenting a light and fun pairing of text and images. Although the graphics were originally intended for social media use only, they were designed so that they could easily be scaled up to serve other advertising purposes, as is shown in the mockups.


Regarding the printing part, I took care of the creation of the Dropless investor pack, the document which contains all the financial information about the company. Tables, graphs, and other elements have been created mantaining the corporate style: using two versions of blue and playing with geometric shapes.

I also created several flyers to advertise the various services offered by Dropless and some small format vouchers, which have then been distributed around the city of London.

Logo Animation

Although the brand already had a logo, I developed an animation to make it more dynamic and attractive. My idea for the animation was to have the logo come out of a droplet. I made the animation in three different colour options using After Effects.

Flat faces icon

As a final task, I was asked to create vector caricatures of the team members for the app and the website. Having personally met only two members, I had to reconstruct these caricatures through photographs. I redesigned all the team members first on paper, then on Illustrator, paying attention to what best characterized each character; my aim was to create a recognizable caricature for each member using minimal details such as specific haircut, glasses, face shape and facial hair colour.
Apart from the uniform, what these faces have in common is the fact that they have no eyes. It was my stylistic choice, I liked the effect, which I found very original. Despite the lack of eyes, all remain perfectly recognizable. Designing these carachters have been the funniest part of the whole Dropless project. It was great satisfaction when, in the end, all the team members recognized themselves in the caricatures!





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