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Crossfit Blackwall is a gym in central Cagliari, Italy, which offers high-intensity training programmes and I designed their original logo when they opened in 2017. The client returned to request a new logo after re-branging, to reflect the personality of the gym in a simple and modern style. This was an opportunity to review my previous work and improve on it now that both the client and myself had acquired further experience and skills.

I chose to keep things simple with two crossed barbells which draw attention to the name of the gym. The font is strong and decisive, successfully embodying the new brand identity.

Crossfit Blackwall - Logo

Crossfit Blackwall logo has been then printed in two colourations (one for the members of the staff and one for the customers) on various types of clothing including t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and sports pants and on various accessories such as pins, gym bags and towels.


Crossfit Blackwall




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