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Basic Graphic Design

My graduation thesis project was this book on the use of geometric shapes in art and in graphic design since the 19th century, from the Gestalt theory and Ulm School of Design to Kandinsky, Mondrian and the Swiss Style, concluding on modern artists and designers.

Although the project was completed in 2016, the geometric foundation of the design keeps it perpetually contemporary and relevant, as geometry is always central in visual composition of any kind. The purpose of the project was to collate past and contemporary artistic ideas and concepts into a source of inspiration.

Grid and Lettering

The layout of the volume is based on a grid of squares which is the foundation of a functional and clean layout, while it also enhances content and images.

A simple square was also the base shape that I used to create the font for this book: each letter is the result of removing different sections from a square block.


Personal Project




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