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Hi, I am Quri
and I am a
Graphic Designer

I am specialised in visual concepts,
branding, editorial and animations.
But first of all, I am a
which means that I also enjoy
designing other stuff.


A few words about my education
and previous experiences among the years


1992 – 2011

I was born here, really cool place. I entered in the world of Graphic Design when I was really young. I studied Graphic in Advertising for 5 years, where I graduated with full marks. During these years, I did several internships where I tested and improved my skills with both print and digital design. During school I got 2nd place at the Coca-Cola contest “Draw Coca-Cola in Sardinia”. I enjoyed my studied so much, indeed I also participated at the Graphic Design national contest, where I was representing my region, Sardinia. I reached the 4th place.


2011 – 2018

City of Art. Maybe the most important in the Word, I really mean it! I moved here after I won the schoolarship for the Academy of Fine Arts. Here I studied and I graduated with full marks in Graphic Design. After I started to work for an international healthcare company as a web designer, Dedalus Spa. This was the real beginning of my carreer. In the same time, I studied for two years Web Design at Nemo, Academy of Digital Arts, where I got a diploma with the best grades.


2018 – now

My first experiences abroad, finally! I spent a couple of years here. I had the chance to work for Eaglemoss, a British publishing company that produces licensed magazines and action figures branded Marvel, Star Trek, Alien and many others. I was creating online banner for the main website and socials. After that, a started to work for Passion Digital, a marketing digital agency. Here, working as a digital designer I improved my skills in design for social media and animations.